Charlie Munger: How to Invest During a Recession

Charlie Munger (former Chairman of The Daily Journal Corporation and Vice Chairman at Berkshire Hathaway) has predicted a recession based on the high inflation in 2022. But how do we invest in the resulting stock market crash? Is Warren Buffett style value investing the way to go? And what are Charlie’s tips to help us make money in during the recession?

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0:00 Charlie Munger Predicts Stock Market Trouble
0:30 The Latest Inflation Data
1:19 Jerome Powell Announces Interest Rate Hike
2:19 Charlie Munger’s Thoughts On Inflation
3:47 The Political Will To Act
5:12 The Fed’s Money Printing
6:20 How To Invest During a Recession
7:44 Buffett’s Rule Number 1
8:56 Don’t Be The Gambler
10:40 Charlie’s Thoughts On Stock Crashes
11:31 Value Investing Never Dies

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